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The ANVR for you as traveller

To start your journey with confidence, it is important to build in safeguards. ANVR Members, who carry the ANVR logo as a guarantee of quality and assurance, offer the consumer the reassurance of an excellent and reliable service. All ANVR-affiliated travel agencies and travel organizers are members of the SGR (Travel Refund Guarantee Fund) and the Calamity Fund.

Advantages of booking at an ANVR travel agency

The principal points:

  • All ANVR-affiliated travel agencies and travel organizations are obliged, as ANVR members, to participate in the SGR (Travel Refund Guarantee Fund) and the Calamity Fund. The customer consequently runs no financial risk if the supplier becomes insolvent or a calamity occurs at the destination itself.
  • The advisers of the ANVR travel agency must satisfy the ANVR quality requirements. These include the availability of professionally trained staff and access to sufficient information sources to provide good travel advice, including objective information material on accommodation. Customers can thus expect professional advice from an ANVR travel agency.
  • The all-round ANVR travel agency can rely on modern information and booking equipment to permit price comparisons between different travel organizations to specific destinations. The ANVR travel agency also has access to the latest travel information and advice as well as a database containing general country and health information. In addition, the travel agency can arrange travel and travel cancellation insurance tailored to the client’s precise needs and circumstances.
  • The consumer can rely on balanced and equitable booking and delivery conditions: the ANVR travel agency ensures that travel contracts comply with the ANVR booking conditions. Organized holidays & trips that are offered through an ANVR travel agency are virtually always advertised in the travel brochures of the ANVR travel organizations. These holidays & trips are subject to the ANVR Travel Conditions. Both sets of conditions were drawn up in consultation with the Consumer Association.
  • Consumers who have a complaint about the service that is not resolved satisfactorily can turn to the Disputes Committee in The Hague (part of the Disputes Committee for Consumer Affairs.) The Disputes Committee deals with the complaint in a session and, after hearing the parties, makes a binding decision. The ANVR guarantees that these decisions are honoured.

ANVR – Travel Conditions
These conditions set out the mutual rights and obligations of the travel organizer and the consumer. These were drawn up in consultation with the Consumer Association.

ANVR – Booking Conditions
The booking conditions of the travel agents create a clear position for both the consumer and the travel agent.

ANVR – Most frequently asked questions
For answers to questions about a planned, booked or completed journey arranged through an ANVR member travel agent (travel agency) or travel organizer (tour operator), you can go to the ANVR website under 'Veel gestelde vragen' (Questions - only available in Dutch).

Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (Travel Refund Guarantee Fund)
The SGR offers the consumer financial protection for any advance payments made if a travel company is no longer able to meet its financial obligations. More information on the SGR can be found on the website:

Stichting Calamiteitenfonds Reizen (Calamity Fund for Travellers)
The aim of the fund is to offer financial compensation to travellers whose holiday or trip is discontinued due to unforeseen calamities. The SCR (Calamity Fund for Travellers) has a website where you can also find information and/or advice on destinations.

Travel Disputes Committee
This committee forms part of the Disputes Committee for Consumer Affairs and handles disputes between consumers and travel companies. The complaints handling procedure is conducted in the ANVR-brochure

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