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The ANVR for you as (future) member

The Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (ANVR) is THE trade association for entrepreneurs in travel. Becoming a member of the ANVR is also helpful for foreign companies wishing to work within the Dutch market. The four most important arguments being:

1. ANVR: important for the traveller

A report of the well-known Dutch research institute TNS/NIPO showed that in 2015 more than 90% of the customers recognize the ANVR logo.

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40% (2 out of 5) always look for a ANVR- or SGR-logo on a relevant website. 

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Eerlijke voorwaarden - honest conditions
Uw geld in goede handen - your money is safe
Veilig reizen - travel safety

Kwaliteit voorop - quality first
Verantwoord reizen - sustainable travel
Zekerheid bij klachten - your rights when you have complaints

TNS/NIPO additionally investigated websites with and without the ANVR and/or SGR logo.
This research showed that travellers find websiteswith the ANVR logo much more reliable (84%) than websites without the logo (66%). They don’t think websites with the ANVR logo are more expensive than websites without. The customer is even willing to pay 3-4% more for a travel product with the ANVR logo. We think this aspect is extremely important for foreign websites.

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publication (January 2016) of The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) shows that the ANVR is a very strong certification label for consumers.
The ANVR belongs to the ‘Top 3 most trusted certification labels’ in The Netherlands. Over 80% of the consumers recognize the ANVR logo and 83% find our certification label trustworthy.

          onderzoek ANVR-SGR logo7.png 

In addition to that: GFK asked the customer in 2019 which logo/organisation is important for them, if they book. More than 50% finds it important that the organisation they book is member of the ANVR. They know the organisations. Especially low and middle educated finds the ANVR (and.or  SGR) logo important. 
         belang lidmaatschap ANVR om te boeken.JPG

2. ANVR: the voice of the travel industry
The ANVR represents and unites the Dutch travel industry. We represent almost all of the tour operators and travel agents in the Netherlands. Nationally, we participate actively in the VNO/NCW. We are a member of the European Travel Industry Association ECTAA together with the German DRV, the English ABTA and other national travel associations. The Dutch travel industry is therefore well-represented in Brussels enabling us to be able to advise you what measure you may have to account for in the future.
The ANVR represents the travel industry in the Small Disputes Committee, the Dutch Guarantee Fund, the Calamity Fund. We regularly consult with ministries and political parties in The Hague. We also represent the travel industry to IATA, The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) and the Advertising Code Committee. Important members of the travel industry know that their voice must be heard and must be raised to other stakeholders. We can inform foreign members how it works in the Netherlands; laws which are important and rules which are less important. You need an independent organization to advise you. Our help desk informs you via the ANVR newsletter and has efficient answers to your travel specific questions. Although our newsletter is in Dutch you can send us your questions in English.

3. We deliver you facts and figures of the industry
The ANVR has a cooperation with GfK Retail and Technology. Together we publish every month a report about the bookings made by customers. Every month more than 50.000 customers are asked if they made a booking, if so to which country and the month they will go on holiday. This scan provides useful travel information for companies. We make a general publication for all members but can also focus on specific countries.
Every year in May/June we publish a more detailed GfK report on bookingtrends, the way consumers book, traveloptions, spendings etc. All this information is free of charge for members.  
For IATA travel agents we have made arrangements with Accelya, supplier of BSP data. Every month participating companies receive - without additional work or costs - data on (their) market shares of airlines and the number of ADMs.

4. We help you additionally with sector-specific problems

  • Sustainable tourism. The ANVR has developed a sustainable policy, quite simply because we also want to sell travel in the future. Together with our members we take concrete action when it comes to transportation, accommodation and entertainment in an environment-friendly way.
  • The ANVR organizes regular meetings for its members. These range from practical sessions on the application of laws and regulations that have a major impact on the industry. Our 'Travel Tomorrow' project and our annual networking event 'ANVR Congress' with exciting speakers and where you meet your peers, gives our members insight into future developments. Together with our website, press releases, newsletters, Twitter, Facebook and digital magazine 'View' ANVR makes clear her vision to tour operators, (business) travel agents, industry partners, policy makers, government, media and other interested parties.
  • Standards. Our ANVR XML standard supports a successful and an efficient communication of electronic booking details between travel agents and tour operators. With “My ANVR” you can send all your invoices electronically to all travel agents in The Netherlands. The ANVR LSPA delivers an unique location code for thousands of accommodations and is free for use by ANVR members.
  • All members use the same travel and booking basic conditions in close consultation with the
    Consumers Association. This gives your customers confidence. We have standard agent vs. tour operator conditions, and also a standard collective agreement for the travel industry with the unions.
  • Especially for ANVR members we have different supplier contracts at competitive prices. We offer attractive contracts on labor services, health insurance, phone and credit card use, etc. and special deals on financial, judicial and tax advice. The ANVR liability insurance is used by almost all ANVR travel agents.
  • We can also help you finding reliable partners for doing business in the Netherlands and can inform you about technical/financial and legal aspects. Do not hesitate to call us or send an email.

A reasonable fee
The ANVR is a non-profit foundation and as such it does not have an expensive office nor a large secretariat. We therefore ask a modest contribution. Besides a basic entry fee of € 1,500 you pay
€ 100 to € 150 per million turnover. Smaller companies or start-ups are very welcome and they have an even lower entry fee. You can become a member with a minimum annual turnover of
€ 250,000.

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